Privacy Policy

One of our prime goals is to keep our users aware of how we collect and use their personal information. Please read the following privacy policy and keep yourself informed about our secure practices. Your privacy is of vital importance to us and we continuously strive to gather data responsibly and with your permission. Every time you access our website, you automatically agree to our privacy policy and the methods we use. You are welcome to not use our website if you find any part of our privacy policy rules unsatisfactory to you.

Our servers are tuned to recognize your domain name, upon your entering of, and never your email address. You can browse our website anonymously as you will not be required to give your name or any other personal data to come for a visit.

We are motivated and deeply committed to be open and transparent about our information gathering practices to give our visitors a peace of mind. Users will be notified if any of our methods and practices regarding our privacy policy change at the earliest possibility. If we have to make quick changes in order to protect our website, we reserve a right to do so without notifying you first. It is always up to you to check this page periodically and stay current.

Information Collected

We will collect your personal data that you will agree to share with us upon your agreement to do so. We will use this information to improve our service and for communication with you. Besides your voluntarily provided information, we will collect some automatically generated data, which includes your IP address, the browser that you used, and the geographical location of your access place. This data is routinely collected by many websites and is used for problem diagnostics and technological issues.  The automated data collection helps us identify the most popular pages and thus offers as a chance to better our services.

Our marketing department is constantly striving to improve our market reach and presence, so the information gathered is of vital importance. We work tirelessly to optimize our site and make user experience very positive – this is where your non-personal information makes a huge difference as it helps us analyze the patterns and build on that.

If we need to use the gathered information for new strategies and ways that are not listed here, we will use it and make the particular update to our privacy policy available to you as quickly as possible. Users should read our policies periodically to make sure they agree with our usage of their information.

Information Sharing

We gather your personal information for our usage only and will never sell, rent, or transfer your voluntarily provided data to any other entity or website for commercial usage. If the need arises, we might share your non-personally identifiable information with our partners or third-party service providers for their marketing needs. We remain the only engine collecting your data. The policy states the use and disclosure of the data that we received from you. You should always be cautious and provide your personally identifiable information to trusted sources only.

We do not use cookies. reserves the right to use your information gathered by third-party websites through the use of cookies when you visit them for marketing purposes. We state that we are not responsible for their content or information harvesting practices.


We take security seriously and store your information using methods that guarantee the ultimate protection. Your data is protected with multiple layers of passwords and encryption. If there is a need, we use an additional firewall protection. We work with our partners and service provides to constantly improve our own and their security methods. This part of technology is constantly changing as breaches of security do happen. If such a breach happens to we will not be liable or responsible for any leaked or used personal information.

Endorsement of Third-party Links

We constantly monitor the information displayed on our website and improve the quality of our content. However, we assume no further responsibility connected with that information. Under no circumstances will we be liable for specific, direct or indirect damage or financial loss stemming from the information provided on our website.

We routinely post statements and products provided to us by our third-party partners, but we have no way to control that information or be responsible for their claims. We strive to monitor and check such content, but we are not obliged to do so.

Children Usage

Our website is not designed to be used by anybody younger than 18. Visitors who are younger than 18 years of age violate our terms and conditions just by accessing our page.

Changes to Policy

We maintain a right to change and update any part of our privacy policy at any time. AdorableBabyGifts.aom stands by the promise to keep you updated on any and all changes to our policy, and will post the newest version immediately. Please visit this section often to always be aware of current regulations regarding your information and its safety.