The Guide to Mothers’ Rings

A mothers’ ring has been regarded as an eternal tribute to the nurturing and loving nature of a mother. Think of it as a metal bestowment of what she means to you. It is the perfect way to express your love and gratitude towards the woman who raised you. The traditional mothers’ ring features a birthstone for every single one of her beloved children. This ring symbolizes the intensely personal bond between mother and child. 


When to give a Mothers’ Ring?

Mothers’ rings are traditionally gifted on Mother’s Day but a mothers’ ring can be given at almost any occasion. The level of personalization this ring signifies is sure to please any doting mother. Thus, whether you would like to present this ring to your mother at Christmas, Mother’s Day or her birthday, she will be glad to receive it regardless.


Should a Mothers’ Ring come from all siblings?

There truly is no fixed convention for a Mothers’ Ring as it is more of an emotional gift that comes from the heart. Your mother will be genuinely happy receiving this ring from one or all of her children as well as multiple rings from each one of her kids. Feel free to split the cost with your siblings and purchase your beloved mother a dazzling ring.


What to Consider when looking for the ideal Mothers’ Ring:


#6 The Metal - Consider your mother’s personality and taste preferences when purchasing her ring. The most popular choices are gold or platinum. However, rose gold, white gold, and palladium have gained more popularity over the years. Remember that 14k gold is the yellow gold standard and to look for a mark of authenticity prior to purchase.

#5 The Stones - If you are unsure of your birthstone, a quick and simple google search will solve all of your problems. Keep in mind that this birthstone is the crown jewel of your mother’s ring, meaning you should be extremely careful when making your final choice. Do thorough research prior to pulling the trigger on your purchase.

#4 The Design - Simple and elegant is the best way to go when designing your mothers’ ring. Designing in this manner is both timeless and classic. Consider your stone and metal combination when creating your design to ensure it comes out cohesive and beautiful.

#3 The Cost - You must plan accordingly when purchasing a mothers’ ring as it should be a significant expense. Creating a budget for this eloquent ring is imperative. The rule of thumb when it comes to mothers’ rings is that you should shop at least three to six months for this type of gift. Thus, you should allow a good amount of time and preparation when it comes to gifting a mothers’ ring.

#2 The Shop - The internet is a good place to begin your search for the ideal mothers’ ring. Knowing your budget in advance will help as most mothers’ rings are categorized by price point. However, they are also categorized by metals and design as well. If you prefer to shop in person make sure to check out various local jewelers in order to find the very best one.

#1 The Quality - Quality is vital when it comes to the stones and metal utilized in your mothers’ ring. Accreditations, maker’s marks, and certifications must be verified prior to purchase. Gold needs a purity stamp (9k, 14k, 18k, or 24k), platinum calls for a PLAT engraving, and diamonds must have a GIA certification offered by your reputable jeweler. You must ask for authenticity with purchase. Do not let yourself get scammed with costume jewelry.

A mothers’ ring will bring a smile to your mother’s face unlike any you have ever seen before! Give the gift that will keep on giving for years to come, a beloved mothers’ ring.