3 Ways to Dress Big Sister & Little Sister Alike

Baby girls are honestly the cutest little bundles of joy! Perhaps one of the best parts of having a baby girl, or two, is that you are able to dress them up in the most adorable outfits! The cuteness factor only rises when you dress your two little ones in matching or complementing attire. If you are a little less fashion inclined and do not know where to begin, then follow the 3 stylish suggestions below for dressing big sister and little sister alike.

#3 Matching Outfits

Matching outfits are extremely adorable on sisters and will gain your girls a lot of genuine compliments. However, it is best to keep in mind that matching outfits are only suitable for sisters ranging between the ages of newborn to toddler. Older girls should not be dressed too similar to their little sister as it will be seen as ‘uncool’. Teenagers will rebel against identically matching their little sister. While matching outfits can be super cute, do not force the idea on your children if they are against it.

#2 Complimenting Outfits

An alternative to the classic identically matching sister outfits is dressing your girls in complimenting outfits instead. The idea behind this thought is to place your daughters in cohesively stylish outfits that have either a similar color, cut, or style element. The options are especially endless when it comes to color! Just tell your girls that the baseline color is yellow and let them abide by their individual style preferences utilizing the color yellow. The idea of complementary outfits is also suitable for family portraits or family reunions as there will be an unifying theme between the whole family without dressing identically.

#1 Outfit Freedom

Your children should be allowed to express their individual personalities and styles through their outfits. One way to encourage big sister’s style freedom is to allow her to pick out the outfits for both girls from time to time. (this method only works if little sister is too young to share her individual preferences) Permitting big sister to choose both outfits for the day gives her a sense of responsibility as the older child! It may also create a bond between big and little sister as well.

However, if both of your girls are able to express their personal styles through their outfits then just allow them both to choose whatever outfit they may like for the day (within your preset fashion guidelines). Do not expect older girls to readily wear just any outfit your have randomly chosen for them as it may not reflect who they are as a person. Do not let this discourage you as a parent - it is completely normal. Pick your battles wisely and let your daughters have total outfit freedom every now and then.