25 Amazing Baby Presents

Pig Aniwheelie

#25 Pig Aniwheelie

This palm sized, soft, and squishy pig on wheels will put a smile on any baby’s face! Plus, it is handcrafted with a velvety surface. Suitable for newborns and up. ($8)

Plush Bunny

#24 JellyCat Plush Security Blanket

Softer than a cloud, this plush security blanket will become one of baby’s most beloved possessions in no time. Doctor visits, tantrums, and long car rides will become easy with the JellyCat Plush Security Blanket in hand. Suitable for newborns to 36 months. ($24)

Sailor Play Gym

#23 Sailor Play Gym

Looking for an eco-friendly play gym? Than look no further as the Sailor Play gym is crafted from 100% birch wood that is finished with non toxic adhesives and stains. Not to mention, the wood itself is buffed with wax made from vegetable seed. Plus, the dolls that come with the gym are manufactured from organic cotton which contains no phthalates. Suitable for babies 3 to 12 months. ($135)

Stack Flap Tumble

#22 Stack Flap N’ Tumble

This five piece stackable set has the potential to teach your child cause and effect through sound. Once your child has stacked all of the blocks up, he or she will be able to drop several balls down the chimney to create fun and engaging noises. Suitable for babies 9 to 24 months. ($25)

Monster Truck

#21 Press N’ Go Monster Truck

Babies love the Fisher Price Press N’ Go Monster Truck! With one quick tap on the trucks head it will race down the hallway enticing baby to crawl after it. Your tiny tot will be scooting around the room in no time at all. Suitable for babies 9 months and up. ($8)

Taco Booties

#20 Taco Booties

When it comes to babies, hands are typically discovered before feet! To encourage foot discovery place these handmade and cozy wool booties on your babies feet to make their toes come to life! Suitable for newborns to 12 months. ($25)

 Scoot Around First Rider

#19 Scoot Around First Rider

The Lakeshore Scoot Around First Rider is a bike for beginners! It features thick, easy grip handles and large smooth turning wheels! Brand new walkers will love building balance and muscle strength on this scoot around bike. Suitable for babies 12 to 36 months. ($80)

Owl Baby Rattle

#18 Owl Baby Rattle

The EverEarth Owl Baby Rattle is a great wooden, clacker style rattle to give to any newborn. The ringing sound will keep your baby fascinated for at least an hour. Suitable for babies 6 months and up. ($15)

Gem Blocks

#17 Gem Blocks

Emily & Meritt offer a great gem block set that is squeezable yet chew safe. Plus, the blocks come in a large assortment of eye catching colors and shapes. Not to mention, block building encourages baby’s motor skills! Suitable for babies 3 to 18 months. ($39)

Pom Pom Hat and Booties

#16 Pom Pom Knit Hat and Booties

This Land of Nod by Misha and Puff Hat and Booties set is perfect for colder weather. It is knitted from baby alpaca wool to ensure your baby stays cozy and warm. Suitable for newborns to 6 months. ($59) 

Clatter Frog Clutching Toy

#15 Clatter Frog Clutching Toy

The HABA Clatter Frog Clutching Toy is made from wood and creates a wonderful soft rattling sound that is sure to soothe any baby. Rest assured that it is finished with a water based, non toxic stain. Suitable for babies 6 to 18 months. ($15)

Turtle Ball Pit

#14 Turtle Ball Pit

Any baby would love the Melissa & Doug Turtle Ball Pit! With an overwhelming amount of sixty squeeze friendly balls that can be tossed and pushed through a variety of holes - your baby will be entertained for hours to come! Plus, this ball pit will teach your child hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Suitable for babies 9 to 18 months. ($80)

Hedgehog Accordion Toy

#13 Hedgehog Accordion Toy

The Skip Hop Hedgehog Accordion Toy encourages your baby to make music by pushing and pulling certain elements with their little hands. This toy has the ability to aid in developing your baby's motor functions. Suitable for babies 6 months and up. ($15)

Busy Ball Popper

#12 Poppin Park Busy Ball Popper

Your child will believe that the Playskool Poppin Park Busy Ball Popper is magic as air pushes lightweight balls up and out of the cutest elephant trunk. Not to mention, the trunk can be positioned in any direction to keep baby in a play safe zone. Suitable for babies 9 months and up. ($33)

Activity Board

#11 Activity Board

The Kid O Activity Board is the best way to teach your child the lesson of cause and effect. As baby turns each nob he or she will hear different sounds at different volumes and will be able to alter a flowers color from blue to red to green at the press of a button. Suitable for babies 6 to 18 months. ($40)

Pretzel Rattle

#10 Pretzel Rattle

The Blabla Kids Pretzel Rattle is crafty complete from cotton allowing baby to cling and shake it as much as their little heart desires. Plus, it comes in four different color combinations. Suitable for babies 2 to 12 months. ($18)

Wobbling Chicken

#9 Wobbling Chicken

Looking for a present that keeps on giving? Then make sure to check out the Wobbling Chicken from Bella Luna Toys. This playful chick will stay upright no matter which way your baby rolls or pushes him! Babies ind this hilarious and will play with Wobbling Chicken, a non toxic, birch wooden toy for hours on end. Suitable for babies 9 months and up. ($35)

Play Activity Book

#8 Vibrant Village Peek & Play Activity Book

The beautiful and bold prints found with the Vibrant Village Peek & Play Activity Book will enthrall baby’s eyes and make learning fun. Plus, your child will love feeling the books silky ribbons and looking at themselves in its baby-safe mirror. Suitable for children 3 to 12 months. ($15)


#7 Juballees

The Mirari Juballes play balls may seem exceedingly simple but rest assured your child be very entertained. These balls can split into six halves and be linked together to form one gigantic rolly toy. Do not underestimate simplicity. Suitable for children 6 months and up. ($15)

Rollobie Baby Toy

#6 Rollobie Baby Toy

The Rollobie Baby Toy will become your child’s play buddy in no time as it rolls across the floor with them. It is also equipped to spin and rattle inside. Suitable for babies 9 months and up. ($15)

Rock and Ball Activity Toy

#5 Rock and Ball Activity Toy

The Tiny Love Rock and Ball Activity Toy offers three ways to play in one! It can begin as a great tummy time toy, then turn into a toddlers tambourine and finish off as a play ball! Talk about a band for your buck. Suitable for babies 3 months and up. ($14)

Grape Baby Beads

#4 Farmer’s Market Grape Baby Beads

The Farmer’s Market Grape Baby Bead elastic string toy is great for on the go moms! This toys bright and colorful blocks can be twisted and turned in any direction keeping baby preoccupied during car rides. Suitable for babies 3 months and up. ($20)

Grow Tek Trike

#3 4 in 1 Stroll and Grow Tek Trike

VTech makes amazing technological baby friendly toys and the 4 in 1 Stroll and Grow Tek Trike is no exception. Plus, the LED screen display evolves with your child so that they may learn motor skills and how to follow directions. Suitable for children 9 months to 6 years. ($100)

Girafe Bath Toy

#2 Sophie La Girafe So’Pure Bath Toy

Need new bath toys for baby? Then the Sophie La Girafe So’Pure Bath Toy is meant for you! Made from 100% natural rubber, this bath toy is completely baby friendly and safe to chew. Suitable for babies 6 months and up. ($20)

Tummy Time Activity Toy

#1 Tummy Time Activity Toy

Baby will love tummy time with this fun Mamas & Papas Tummy Time Activity Toy that features a baby safe mirror, rattle, teether and crinkle/texture toys sure to keep him or her enthralled! Building upper neck, arms, and shoulder muscles has never been so easy. Suitable for babies 3 to 9 months. ($30)