Baby Shower Ideas

Here are some fun party pleasing baby shower ideas. You can transform a ho-hum baby shower into a fun day especially for the mom to be who is in need of some excitement and cheer.

1. Waist watcher baby shower ideas


Waist watcher can be a lot of fun if the star of the show has a sense of humor about her expanding figure. You can pass around a ball of string or ribbon and a pair of scissors. Each member of the party attempts to guess how much string is needed to fit around the new Mama's middle section.

If mom is a good sport she tries on each string. The person with the most accurate estimate wins the prize.

You can add a twist to this baby shower idea with having the gas wrap the string around their own finger. As a string is being wrapped, each player explains how they know the mother-to-be and gives a piece of advice. The longer the string the more the participant has to talk.


2. Advice… With spice baby shower ideas


Everyone is an expert and baby rearing until it's their turn. You can pass out note cards and pencils to each baby shower participant and ask them to prepare some advice on how to get past the difficult times.

Have each person write down a typical question as what do you do when the baby cries? Or how do you get a baby to sleep through the night? Collect the cards and distribute them face down. Have all the other participants write the answer to these questions on the blank side of the new card. Then read the baby shower idea questions and answers on each card and get ready to laugh. You may want to caution mom on actually taking advice, as some of the answers can be pretty hysterical.


3. Balloon relays baby shower ideas


Grandma may not participate in this one but hopefully there are some fun girls at your baby shower who will go for it. Place two laundry baskets across the room from each other one filled with 10 party balloons. Divide the baby shower guests into two teams and watch as they waddle across the room clutching a balloon between their knees. The object of this baby shower game is to land the balloon in the other laundry basket without using their hands. You can shake, wiggle or hop. After the baby shower guests get their balloons in the basket they run back to their team so the next team member can begin. Whichever baby shower team gets the most balloons in the basket in the time frame wins.


4. Guess the number of jellybeans baby shower ideas


Fill a baby bottle with jellybeans and have the guests guess how many jellybeans are in the baby bottle. You can pick the mom's favorite candy or use baby pins for the guessing game as a low-calorie version.


5. Close pin grab baby shower ideas


You can use a relay with clothespins and milk bottles. Choose two participants to hold a long cord outstretched. The cord will be set up with clothespins and resembles a clothesline. Each baby shower participant uses one hand to remove as many clothespins off the line as possible. The catch is that they cannot transfer any pins to the other hand. They misuse the same hand to hold and grab. As soon as she drops one she is out of the game.


6. Dirty diapers baby shower ideas


Fold white napkins into little diapers and fasten each with a small diaper pin. You can place unwrapped Hershey's chocolate kisses inside the napkins. Hand the diapers to the baby shower participants. Whoever lands the dirty diaper wins the prize, which is a queen-size bag of chocolate kisses.

Another version of this game is that before the baby shower you can take some disposable diapers and number them on the outside. Then spread the inside of each with various food items having distinctive smells such as tuna, horseradish, Italian dressing, garlic or mustard. Close each diaper.

When you're ready to play the baby shower game pass out paper and pens to the guests and then grab your camera for photo ops. Pass each diaper around for the players to smell and they must identify the odors. The one with the most correct guesses wins.


7. Baby product logo baby shower ideas


Collect several magazine ads about baby products. You can cut out the brand name and put the ads onto paper. Number the ads from 1 to 20. The baby shower guests can look at the ads and pass them around. The participant who names the most wins. You can also tape commercials on a cassette tape or recite a catchphrase.


8. Name poem baby shower ideas


If mom is already selected the baby's name you can divide the participants into teams and have them create a poem using the letters of the name. S is for smiles, C is for coy, oh is for ouches because it's a boy, T is for tumble, T is for good measure and this boy's name is Scott.


9. Baby expression baby shower ideas


Create a sheet of 4 to 6 baby pictures from magazines. Make photocopies of the sheet and hand them to each baby shower participant. Each one will try to create funny captions of what they think the baby is trying to say in each picture. This is great for a good laugh.