Unique Baby Names

What is in a baby's name?

A lifetime! Unusual and unique baby names that you might choose for your new bundle of joy can accompany your child and define them for a century or so. Parents have always debated regarding particular unusual baby names. They also have to fight off well-meaning, busybody grandparents who mistakenly believe


  they should have their say in the matter of choosing the baby's name. Regardless of your circumstance parents need to choose a baby's name that the child can enjoy having in their unique babies names with some staying power and that are pleasant sounding and free from ridicule from those nasty playground creeps.

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Unique baby names hints

1. Accentuate the positive

When you consider choosing a baby name, choose one that conjures up pleasant thoughts and carries definitions that are meaningful to you. Your baby's name will cast a strong first impression so choose it carefully from your list of baby names.

We suggest an unscientific experiment to rule out loser unusual baby names. Take the top two or three baby names from your list to a busy playground. Yell the baby names out loud one at a time. If too many children turnaround you might consider but that baby name is too popular and too overused. If people look at you like you're crazy you may want to reconsider. This is a good indication that your child may never forgive you for sticking them with a weird name that no one can pronounce.

2. Give your child some unique baby names with the rhythm

Looking for a rhythm when you review your babies name should correspond with the baby’s last name.

As a rule of thumb, the number of syllables in the first name differs from the last name.

If you have a calm and easy to pronounce last name then you can consider choosing an unusual or long first name.

3. Be careful what you spell when creating unique baby names

You should check the combination of initials with the first, middle and last of the baby names. Do they spell something that can cause a child a lifetime of misery? For example Harold Oliver Goldman has a pleasant ring to it but it's initials spell hog. You can always reverse the metal and first name and use the middle name on a daily basis.

You should be aware to that baby names could create strange meanings. Such as Scott Land can be confused with the country.

4. Choose a pronunciation and spelling a popular baby names

Unusual pronunciations can be attention getters but your child will constantly be correcting everyone. An unusual spelling of a common name can also create distinction.

5. Honor thy family member, friend or favorite hero or heroine for a baby name.

You can look through your family history for characters that are worthy of honor. You can consider using their same name or a variation of the name. You can also use a variation of this name as a middle name. It's a great connection to the past. Just a word of caution, beware the hazardous baby names minefield planted by generations of unseemly family politics.

Another thought for baby names is to name the baby after someone famous. When a child is older you can explain whom they named after and why. It can become a fun family legend retold for generations to come. Don't be surprised in the future if Tiger named after Tiger Woods for the golfer becomes a top baby name in the millennium.

6. What about nicknames for unique baby names?

Consider selecting a baby name that as many nicknames or variations. If you choose Elizabeth there are several nicknames such as Liz, Beth, Lizzie. When you look at the nicknames for the baby names you can have control of what they may become when they were older. On the flipside, less desirable nicknames can follow a person into adulthood.

7. Avoid letter redundancy between baby names

Often the first and last baby name with the same beginning letter does not sound as well together as when they'd began with different sounds. Likewise if one name ends in a vowel, the others should sound better if it ends in a consonant. Avoid rhymes. Your baby will thank you someday.

8. Rules of suffix engagement for baby names

If you choose a popular baby name suffix, be sure not to make it a faux pas. Follow these rules. All three baby names, including the first, middle and last need to be the same as the previous generation. If you want to avoid using Junior then select a different middle name. All parties need to be living and if grandpa, dad and son have the same full name and grandpa dies then they become senior, Junior and III.

9. For those who still don't know what unique baby name to choose

You can try a geographical location or a season for a baby name; you can put family baby names into a name spin by selecting a place that is special to the family.

Try a version of a baby’s name that relates to a different ethnic group.

Try selecting baby names from a certain era that interests you.

Try choosing two or more words to create unique baby names. By separating two words into syllables and combining the syllables in a different order you can create a new baby name. You can even scramble words to create baby names.

Try using the mom's maiden name or another family member's last name as a middle name. This strategy provides an opportunity to honor a family member without taking the first position and settles the baby name selection between parents.

10. Mums the word

Here is perhaps the most important baby name hint of all. If you don't want everyone putting their two cents in, keep this very important announcement to yourself until the baby is born. You really don't want to cause World War III in choosing your babies name.