Baby Name Ideas

Baby Name ideas

Where does one get good baby name ideas? You can just keep your eyes and ears open. Just be aware of the names you see in a newspaper or a novel or magazine. Television is a great source for good baby names. You can also get your families and friends to think of names.

Keep a list called baby name ideas and add new names when they come to you. You can put it in your phone in your notes. Divide the baby name list into several sections: popular, traditional, trendy and family. It helps to separate these lists with these categories and then you can choose one for the first name and one for the second middle name.

Scour magazines and television shows for the popular names. You can check out a Social Security list for baby’s names for the last several years. You can find trendy baby names from Hollywood stars. Just keep this list and keep adding to it.

Traditional baby name ideas are found everywhere. It's usually a name that's been around for a decade or more and is traditional. There could be crossovers with these names and you just need to decide what list you want to put the baby's name on trendy or traditional.

The family category consists of names of family members that you already have. This is a great time to do research on your family tree. You go back as far as you want and you can gain new insights and your family history that you can pass on to the baby. You call your grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. Write all these names under the family category. It's also a great way to pass down good stories.

As the time gets closer to birth you can choose 3 to 5 names that really mean something to you and your partner. Practice saying the names and call your child a dinner or introducing the child to his teachers and hearing the child's name announced for a reward.

Choosing a baby name that fits your new baby is lots of fun.

Happy baby naming!