Baby Middle Names

Baby Middle Name

How does one choose a great baby middle name?

One should show t careful thought into choosing a baby's middle name. You can consider several things that can make the name fabulous.

1. First name chosen-then what?

After you to carefully choose a first name you need to consider what the baby's middle name will be and doesn't go well both names together. Some parents can forgo a middle name but you should carefully consider this option and its ramifications. Oftentimes bureaucratic problems arise with official documents when someone does not have a middle name or middle initial. The baby's middle name helps distinguish the name for others and from others and sometimes others have the same first and last names especially if you are drawn to popular or a trendy name. Having a middle name in school is a plus.

2. Let there be rhythm

Once you decided to choose a middle name you should consider the following. How does it flow with the first and last name? Is it both visual and does it have a sound rhythm? As a rule of thumb, the number of syllables in the first name should differ from the last name. For instance Andre Gray creates better rhythm then Tom Gray. You should repeat the names over and over to get a sense of the feel and flow. Write them down to see what they look like. Hollywood stars always need a name that easily flow so keep this in mind. Will the baby's name and middle name or even just the baby's middle name alone standalone is a good name if it's owner chooses to use it instead of their main name or a theatrical name.

3. Stick with category or mix them up

When you choose a baby's middle name you can stick with the same category of a trendy popular, traditional or family to match the first name. There is also the possibility you can mix a trendy baby middle name with a traditional first name or vice versa. You can always be creative and innovative. This is a great chance to honor your relatives are with family names that you might not want to use as a first name. Many parents use a family surname for the baby's middle name to honor someone on mom's side. Just make sure they flow together and the initials do not spell something obscene or silly. If the initial spell trouble you can always reverse the first and middle name.

4. Honor thy family’s heritage

The baby's middle name can reflect baby heritage if the name doesn't do that. It can also reflect the other parent's heritage, which makes the baby's middle name and the last name tell the whole family story. The baby's middle name can be a compromise when the parents cannot agree on the first name. Throw in the favor name of each parent and play with the visual and sound rhythms.

Try using mom's maiden name or other family members last name as a middle name. This gives you an opportunity to honor a family member without taking the first name position and it's a great way to settle a baby's name dispute between parents.

The baby's middle name can be a compromise when the parents can agree on the first name. Throw in a favorite name of each parent and play with how it sounds and how it looks visually.

Another thought for baby's names is to choose to name the baby after someone famous. When the child is older they can always explain why they were named and who were they named after. These baby name stories become a family legend retold for generations to come.

5. When all else fails

If you've tried really hard to come up with the perfect baby middle name and you're just stuck there are filler names such as Lynn, Lee, Rose or Marie for girls and Robert, Lee, William or Michael for boys. These are a great choice when nothing else works. But there are so many babies that have these middle names you might want to go back and find something more unique.

6. Avoid letter redundancy between baby’s names

Sometimes at the baby's name begins with the same letter as the last name it does not sound well together. If one ends in a vowel the second one will probably sound better if it ends in a consonant. You want to avoid rhymes and your baby will thank you someday.