10 Practical Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Shower Gifts

Moms’ love a practical baby shower gift! A practical gift means something that they will actually be able to use! Rest assured that new parents will be very thankful for any gift of use. Babies are a lot of work and need a lot of support. Practical yet unique gifts are also extremely special to new parents as most never knew these items even existed. Receiving a uniquely useful present is pretty cool as they are beneficial in make a new parents life easier in ways they never knew possible before.

#10 Portable High Chair

It is highly likely that the new parents-to-be already own a classic highchair. However, they may not own a portable high chair. If this couple has any chance at going out to dinner with their little tot, they will need a portable high chair when traveling. Yes, it is true that may restaurants have their own high chair to rent - they are often unsanitary and not made with quality. As a new parent, bringing your own high chair means that your child is both clean and safe. The aluminum and nylon Lobster high chair by Phil & Ted’s is a great purchase for your new parents-to-be as it is lightweight yet durable.

#9 Baby Closet Organizers & Hangers

Babies are expensive. A good mom would never dream of splurging on a uniquely hand painted wooden hanger set for their little tot. However, they sure would love a set as a gift! Check out Kidorable for a great set to gift. Baby closet dividers are another gift that parents wouldn’t think to receive but would love to have! Dividers help to keep baby’s closet arranged and organized. Mom will be able to find whatever she needs for baby in a snap. Check out the Delta 24 or 48 Piece Organizer sets by Nursery Closet as they come in a large assortment of baby colors.

#8 Gift Baskets

There are plenty of ways to dress up a simple gift of useful items like wipes, diapers, socks, bibs, and onesies. Try presenting these gifts in gift basket form or you can get even more creative and possibly arrange them as either a diaper cake or a baby sock bouquet.

#7 Sleep Aids

A great gift that you can give your parents-to-be is the gift of helping baby fall asleep a little easier. Marvin the monkey is the perfect gift to give any tot that needs help sleeping. Marvin comes with soothing sounds and plush fur to help comfort baby to sleep.

#6 Bath Accessories

Another great gift basket idea is one full of bathing accessories. Babies need to be cleaned often so bathing accessories will definitely come in handy for your parents-to-be. Make sure to include shampoo and bath soap that is tear free for a tantrumless bathtime. Other bathing accessories to add to the basket are a sponge or bath cloth, a hooded animal towel, a bath thermometer alarm, and water toys. The bath thermometer alarm is an especially great addition because it allows for bath time safety. The Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Bath Thermometer Alarm is our preference because it is disguised as a friendly turtle who actives automatically in water and will let you know throughout the entire duration of the bath as to whether or not the water ever gets too hot or too cold for baby.

#5 Nasal Aspirator

Nosefrida makes a high quality nasal aspirator that will help baby in breathing better when he or she becomes congested. Newborns to 3 years of age are approved to use Nosefrida and the device definitely comes in handy as babies as well as toddlers are not independent enough to blow their own nose. Congestion can cause baby and mom to have many a sleepless night. However, with Nosefrida both baby and mom can sleep soundly throughout the night even when baby is feeling a little sick and congested. Don’t take our word for it - read the endless rows of positive reviews following Nosefrida on Amazon.com.

#4 Pull Wagon

A toddler pull along wagon will be extremely convenient for your parents-to-be as they visit the park or zoo when their baby grows older. Pull along wagons are both fun and entertaining! Not to mention, they give mom and dad's arms a break.

#3 Nursing Cover

Nursing Covers are amazing gifts as they give mom and baby a comfortable yet safe haven for breastfeeding.  They will both get the privacy they well deserve without scandalous looks from surrounding neighbors. There are several styles, colors, and patterns of nursing covers available. Hooter Hiders or Bebe Au Lait are both quality brands that produce awesome nursing covers.

#2 The Happiest Baby on the Block Literature

The Happiest Baby on the Block may be a book but is should be regarded as a manual! It teaches parents how to calm a newborns cry and teach them to sleep longer at night. This piece of literature has taught many parents how to care for their little ones with ease. Author of The Happiest Baby on the Block, Dr.Harvey Karp has aided many parents in successfully raising their child including Madonna, Pierce Brosnan, and even Michelle Pfeiffer.

#1 Baby Carrier

Your soon-to-be parents will find that babies are happiest when held and carried. Thus, a baby carrier is a no-brainer for a baby shower gift as parents will find this hands free carrying device helpful and handy. Baby carriers are win-win as baby is close and comfortable to mom and dad's chest while mom and dad get to go about their business as usual. Ergobaby is a highly trusted company that produces state of the art and innovative solutions to parents biggest problems! Ergobaby carriers not only offer a safe place for baby, but also an ergonomically smart structure for mom and dad. Parents need to stay just as healthy as their babies and Ergobaby helps them to do just that. Plus, Ergobaby has a large range of carriers to choose from in four different categories!