The Top 6 Luxury Baby Gifts

Cashmere Baby Blanket, Monogrammed Baby Bathrobe, Designer Baby Clothes!

Luxury baby gifts make a bold statement to your loved ones! If you have the extra cash to spend, do not settle for anything less than designer. It is not everyday that parents receive gifts of celebrity status. New parent-to-be are more focused on purchasing practical items for their little tot, thus it is up to friends and family to spend that extra dollar or two and make their dreams come true. Plus, you can never go wrong with an exclusive and deluxe gift that is made with only the finest materials and utmost superior quality. Luxury baby gifts are often keepsakes that will be cherished for years to come. Read below for the top six luxury baby gifts.


Luxury Baby Gifts


#6 Cashmere Baby Blanket

Cashmere baby blankets are extremely soft and cozy making for the perfect luxurious baby gift. Otherwise known as pashmina, this fine fabric is made from the undercoat of cashmere goats. Blankets crafted from cashmere are known for being light and fluffy yet extremely warming. Cashmere is an ‘air conditioning fabric’ recognized for being warm when needed in winter and cool when needed in summer. This factor can be attributed to the fabrics small air pockets located between each fiber which act as an excellent insulator.

#5 Bugaboo Baby Stroller

The Bugaboo baby stroller has been rumored to be one of the best baby strollers in the world. In 2002, the SATC deemed Bugaboo as the ‘it stroller’ and stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Heidi Klum, Gwen Stefani, and Madonna own one. Ideal for the fashionista mom, the Bugaboo offers style, functionality, design, and high quality safety for baby. Max Barenbrug founded the Bugaboo baby brand in 1999 and has only risen in reputation since. We recommend the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 as it is extremely versatile, lightweight, compact, and can be utilized on any terrain. Plus, the Cameleon 3 comes in a large range of colors for only $1,000. Any mom would love to receive a Bugaboo Baby stroller! 

#4 Sterling Silver Tooth Fairy Box

If you are looking for a beautiful yet timeless gift that will last for years to come than a Sterling Silver Tooth Fairy Box is the gift for you to give. It is the perfect way to collect each one of baby’s precious little teeth with style. Just make sure the box you purchase is 100% Sterling Silver as you do not want the box to tarnish with age.

#3 Monogrammed Baby Bathrobe

A monogrammed baby bathrobe is a great gift that can be useful and luxurious. Embroider baby’s initials on the top right or left hand corner of a high quality baby bathrobe and you have taken this gift from ordinary to fabulous in seconds. Plus, bathrobes come in handy more than you may think! This monogrammed beauty will be utilized during bath time, pool play, and swimming lessons. Any mom would love to receive the gift of a personalized baby bathrobe!

#2 Designer Baby Clothes

Designer baby clothing is always a hit! Moms do not want to pay for designer clothing themselves but love receiving the darling items as gifts. Baby may grow out of these pieces fast but small designer clothing pieces can act as keepsakes for memories. Infant Ugg boots are a great designer piece to gift at your next baby shower as they are adorable yet durable! They will keep baby’s toes warm all winter long. Little Marc Jacobs, Guess, 7 for All Mankind, and Armani Junior are also great brands to check out when shopping designer for a little tot.

#1 Designer Diaper Bag

Diaper bags are heavily utilized! Mom will tote this bag around with her during the first three to four years of baby’s life - so why not buy her a designer one? Designer Diapers bags are an amazing luxury gift to give your new mom-to-be as it will be manufactured from the best materials and highest quality craftsmanship available. Not to mention, designer diaper bags come in a massive range of styles, colors, and sizes! Thus, you will be able to pick one that will perfectly reflect your mom-to-be’s personality. Check out OiOi for authentic leather diaper bags adorned with several storage compartments suitable for both mom and dad!