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The Softest Customizable Teddy Bears

Looking for customizable stuffed toys? In this article, you will find answers to all your questions about finding customizable stuffed bears!

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Who didn't have his or her favorite teddy bear as a child? The one that you could hug and sleep with? Imagine how much cooler it is to become a cocreator of your favorite teddy bear and add the special elements that matter to your child most. And imagine, how much fun it is for the kid to get a custom teddy bear, the one that has been made just for him!

Pink Cuddles Teddy & Timeless Teddy Gift Sets

If you are looking for cute custom gifts for kids Build-a-Bear Workshop is just the place to check. With multiple locations all over the country Build-a-Bear Workshop has been in the toy market for 25 years already and has earned the reputation and love of many happy children and their parents.

Build-A-Bear Workshop 25th Anniversary Sale

Here you will find a wide range of baby gifts as well as personalized stuffed bears from the most popular movies, such as Star Wars teddy bear, Aladdin teddy bear, Mermaid teddy bear, and more. Actually, here you can also get stuffed animated movie characters, including Micky Mouse, Star Wars the Mandalorian "The Child" and even Toothless from "How to Train Your Dragon".

Star Wars teddy bear, Aladdin teddy bear, Mermaid teddy bear, and Others

But today I want to tell you about my experience of ordering custom teddy bears for my niece and nephew at Build-a-Bear. On entering the shop a giant Teddy Bear meets you with his arm high as a hearty greeting. And I must say that the customer service is amazing.

Giant Teddy Bear at Build-A-Bear Workshop

We were in the store for the first time, but the process of customization could be understood at a glance. Build-a-Bear Workshop features several departments that correspond to the stages of personalization process: Dress Me, Name Me and Take Me Home.

Build-a-Bear Workshop Dress Me and Name Me Departments

You can pick any toy and get it personalized by choosing its own name, clothing and sound.

Build-a-Bear Workshop Choose Me Department

The cost of the stuffed animal at Build-a-Bear Workshop starts at $20 and it's quite affordable. Timeless Teddy costs $22 and if you buy two of them the price will be $45.

Stuffed Animal at Build-a-Bear Workshop

Once you selected your toy it's time for it to put on clothing and accessories of your choice, including footwear, bags, eyewear and more.

Build-a-Bear Workshop Teddy Bear Clothing and Accessories

As for the sound your new toy will make you can choose from popular movie and cartoon songs and even record your own voice.

Build-a-Bear Workshop Sound Station

The best thing about Build-a-Bear Workshop is that kids can get customized toys that become truly special. The child can use imagination and creativity to make his new toy pet one-of-the kids. Unique stuffed animals and cartoon characters make a beautiful toy to cherish for years to come and even when the child grows older this exclusive toy will remain as a keepsake.

Build-a-Bear Gift Shop

If you have several children and they loved the idea of customizing their own toys it might be a goof idea for you to join Build-a-Bear Bonus Club to access various offers and deals and receive points and rewards every time you shop. Signing up for Build-a-Bear Bonus Club is free, plus they launched iHeart Radio App that enables to listen to music everywhere you go.

Build-a-Bear Bonus Club Offers

As for me, Build-a-Bear is a unique place to get personalized gifts for kids. The idea of having exclusive gifts is becoming more and more popular these days and Build-a-Bear Workshop offers a nice opportunity for families to have fun. Buying gifts there turns into an adventure that make the thoughtful gift even more special.

Build-A-Bear Workshop

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