Top 10 Baby Diaper Bag Must-Haves

One stress that every new mom experiences is the uncertainty of what to pack within baby’s diaper bag. Deciding the most practical and essential items for your diaper bag can be overwhelming and for good reason!  Every mom wants to make sure that baby has everything he or she needs to stay safe and supported regardless of location. Luckily, this list will help alleviate some of that stress by listing the top 10 baby diaper bag must-have essentials to tote at all times.



#10 Diapers & Wipes

Obviously, diapers and wipes should be included in every new moms diaper bag. Hence, the name ‘diaper’ bag. The key to this tip is constantly restocking your diaper bag so that you are always prepared for the occasional double diaper blow out. Your bag should always contain at least three diapers and a half full package of wipes. One extra diaper is never enough. You would be surprised at how many moms are caught without a single diaper in their baby’s bag. Thus, do not risk being found diaperless in your diaper bag as accidents happen at the most inopportune times.


#9 Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

New moms should be germaphobes! Baby needs to stay as clean as possible at all times to avoid sickness and infection at such a young age. Your tiny tot has a very immature immune system still building its strength, so you will need to have hand sanitizer with you around the clock. This hand sanitizer should be utilized when you can not wash your hands and when others would like to hold or touch baby.


#8 A Change of Clothes

Baby Change of Clothes

While there is a good chance that your baby may not need an extra change of clothes as you run your errands, it is better to be safe than sorry! Remember Murphy’s Law? If you back an extra set of clothes, you will never need it… but if you do not pack an additional outfit in your diaper bag, then your baby is bound to have a huge blowout accident. It is best to choose your battles wisely and pack an extra change of clothes, ‘just in case’.


#7 Baby Socks

Baby Socks

If you choose to dress baby in outfits that do not include socks, like footie pajamas, then you will need to carry an extra pair or two of socks with you in your diaper bag. You’d be surprised at how often you will put socks on your little one and look back a minute later to find your little babe with bare feet, sockless once again. Baby socks tend to disappear in front of your eyes as they fall off without any rhyme or reason. Keep baby’s tootsies warm and cozy by packing extra sets of socks.


#6 Changing Pad

Changing Pad

Do not trust public changing tables to be sanitary or stocked with paper table liners! You will need to pack your own sanitized changing pad at all times. Foldable changing pads are extremely light and fit easily into just about any size diaper bag. Placing a clean layer between baby and any questionable surface is paramount.


#5 Diaper Cream

Diapers Changing Pad

Diaper rashes will leave your sweet baby’s bottom feeling utterly uncomfortable. Avoid this pain by packing your preferred type of preventative diaper cream in your child’s tote. If you are caught without it and your baby experiences a rash, be prepared for the waterworks to never end. Don’t be that mom and alway have a tube diaper cream with you as you will need it!


#4 Nursing Cover

Nursing Cover

Nursing covers are great for breastfeeding in public. Nursing covers that can be pulled easily over the head are perfect for allowing baby, mom, and surrounding neighbors to all feel comfortable as baby is feed. A simple blanket can get the job done as well.


#3 Pacifiers


Pacifiers are like bobby pins or hair ties as they go missing often without any warning! Thus, it is vitally important that you pack at least two extra pacifiers in your baby’s diaper bag at all times. Babies finds pacifiers extremely soothing, meaning they will come in handy more often than you may think (at doctor visits or during major tantrums)! Pacifiers are another good reason to keep wipes in your diaper bag as babies constantly throw their pacifiers on the ground! A pacifier is only good to you if it is clean.


#2 Teething Toys

Teething Toys

Teething can go on for months before even a single tooth comes in. During this time it is imperative that you keep chew toys will you to soothe their aching gums. Keep at least two in your diaper bag around the clock. Teething toys do not only relieve sore gums but distract and occupy your little one as well.


#1 Water & Snacks (For You and Baby)

Water, protein bars, and fruit snacks can be a lifesaver for mom! A hungry mom is never a productive mom as your patience will begin to wear thin. Water and snacks can give you that extra boost of energy you may need until you can get a suitable meal in. Besides, it is paramount that breastfeeding mamas stay hydrated so that they are able to produce milk properly. In time you will need to tote toddler finger foods as well! A hungry toddler is a nightmare that no one wants to experience.