The Origins & Trends Guide of Mothers’ Rings

The Old Roman Origin:

Rome is rumored to have been founded by twin brother gods, Remus and Romulus. When they came of age, they were sent to the world of humans, but shortly after their greed for money and power got the best of them. Romulus even killed his brother Remus in order to become the sole ruler of Rome. He was a cruel man who was known to rule with an iron fist. He even imprisoned people for breaking his own sanction curfew rules that he would instil at a moments notice. One day, an innocent woman was taken to his court for breaking curfew. She pleaded with Romulus explaining that she only broke the rule in order to purchase a loaf of bread for her starving baby. This story touched Romulus and moved him to remember his own childhood. Romulus had an epiphany and this cause him to take off his own ring and gift it to the young mother. From this day on Romulus deemed all curfews void and handed Rome over to a council of Roman citizens to rule. Since this special ring helped a civilization and was presented to a beloved mother, it has been deemed the special Mothers’ Ring ever since.


The New Modern Origin:

During the 1960s a young jeweler was searching for a unique gift to give his mom on Mother’s Day. As the story goes, this young man searched high and low, from Tiffany to Cartier, and could not find a piece of jewelry good enough for his mother. This caused the man to handcraft his own gift, a one of a kind Mothers’ Ring. With his own hammers and metal, this young man created a simple band embellished with two stones representing his mother’s and his own birth months. He cultivated this gift to represent and acknowledge the respect, love, and bond he felt for his mother. Mothers’ Rings have become an extremely popular gift ever since.


Trending Mothers’ Rings

Mothers’ Rings are a trend that is here to stay and like fashion, each and everyone of them are different. Continue reading below for the top styles of mothers’ rings.

#4 Vintage

Cartier makes an extremely popular vintage style mothers’ ring. This ring features multiple stones with one crown jewel in the center, typically showcasing the Mother’s birthstone. Generally, this stone is diamond cut and then accompanied by smaller oval cut stones showcasing her children’s birthstones. Celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Bridget Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, and Jane Fonda wore this style of ring all throughout the early 70s and it has now come full circle back into the fashion world. Not to mention, this type of ring is extremely versatile to wear as it goes with several different outfits and accessories. Give your mother this style of ring and she will be an instant show stopper.

#3 Alternative Metals

14K is the standard for most jewelry, no matter the kind, and this is no exception for Mothers’ Rings. However, gold can be extremely expensive and not always the trendiest option. Presently, alternative metals like palladium and rose gold are rising in style. Plus, these metals are cost effective and every cent saved can be put towards the ring’s embellishment quality.

#2 Synthetic Stones

It is the thought that counts when it comes to gifting a mothers’ ring. Thus, if your budget does not allow you to pick the most expensive statement piece, you can still invest in synthetic stones and alternative metal rings.

#1 Modern Designs

Designs inspired by nature are currently all the rage. Everything from flowers to leaf patterns are extremely popular. Asymmetrical designs are also in favor this season. However, if you really want to go off the beaten path, check out the geometric patterned rings adorned with multiple stones and metals. These modern designs truly make a statement.

There is nothing a mother loves more than a gift from her child. No matter the cost, a sentimental and aesthetically pleasing gift will put a beautiful smile across your beloved mother’s face. Give your mom the gift of lifetime and present her with a Mother’s Ring symbolizing your personal bond and love.