10 Ways to Dress Baby During Winter

Dressing your little loved one for a cold winter day is no easy feat. Unfortunately, baby is unable to tell you if he or she is comfortable and/or warm. Thus, loving moms have the tendency to either skimp on layers or over do the warmth.  To avoid the headache of guessing whether baby is warm enough or comfortable enough, follow the 10 suggestions below to find your baby’s sweet spot between too hot and too cold.


Winter Baby Dress

#10 Layer Up

An extra layer or two is a safe bet for a newborn who will be spending a chilly winter’s day inside. The first layer can be either a onesie or a bodysuit and the following top layer can be a fleece footed one piece. If you choose a two piece top layer instead, like a top and pants, make sure to place cozy socks on those tiny tootsies.

#9 Follow Suit

A good rule of thumb is to dress your little one like you have dressed yourself and add a layer. For instance, if you are sporting a top, jeans and a light sweater, then place your little one in a long sleeved bodysuit, pants, a shirt, and a light sweater. Remember, if you are wearing a heavy down jacket, then your baby should be layered in a bunting, snowsuit, or several blankets.

#8 Less for Co-Sleepers

A baby who sleeps in the bed with momma will not need as many layers as a crib dwelling baby. A co-sleeper needs less because he or she is already benefiting from the heat radiating off of moms body. One fleece footed sleeper or a long sleeve bodysuit and pair of soft pants should do the trick.

#7 Toes Know

One sure fire way to tell if your tiny tot is warm enough, is to feel his or her toes and stomach once you have taken shelter from the cold. Baby’s toes should be relatively on the cooler side but definitely not cold, while the tummy should feel warm. If your child has both warm toes and belly then baby is far too overdressed. However, if your child has both cold toes and belly then baby needs yet another layer ASAP!

#6 Protect the Head

It is of utmost importance to protect your baby’s head and hands from the cold. You can keep your child’s noggin cosy with a beanie (chip strap attachment preferred) and hood, while you can keep his or hers hands warm with a pair of comfy mittens.

#5 Be Aware of Car Seat Safety

Heavy down winter jackets and snowsuits can pose as potential hazards when it comes to car seat safety. These coats and layers are larger than your little one which can cause the car seat straps to become too loose not securely keeping your child in place. Thus, if you are traveling primarily by car then skip the crazy layers and place cozy blankets around your child once he or she is securely latched into the car seat instead.

#4 Pajama Party

The way you dress your child for bedtime is extremely important. Never place your child in a crib with loose blankets to keep them warm at night. Alternatively, your child should be kept warm and comfortable with a few simple layers. Your baby will do best in a bodysuit with footed pajamas. It is vital that your child stay on the cooler side while sleeping as overheated babes will be at greater risk for SIDS. However, if your little ones room gets pretty chilly at night then add a sleep sack over their normal pajama wear. Make sure to check your baby's neck throughout the night to make sure he or she is not getting overly sweaty.

#3 Utilize Stroller Bags

A new and innovative way to keep your child warm during winter walks is with a cozy stroller bag. Strollers bags are a great method to utilize to allow your little one to stay snuggly and warm during walks. These bags exemplify a sleeping bag style bunting that is lined with fleece and features a bottom opening that allows straps to enter and securely attach to your child’s favorite stroller. Additionally, each stroller bag features a top layer that be zipped on and off to allow optimum temperature control as well as user friendly loading and unloading.

#2 Do Not Bundle Up Inside

Unless you are outside in the winter breeze for hours on end with your baby (NOT RECOMMENDED), then he or she truly will not be exposed to the frigid winter cold for long at all. Yes, your child should be bundled up when you are heading outside, but make sure that you are removing a couple of layers as soon as you make it back inside. Understand that your little loved one has just as hard of a time cooling off as he or she does when warming up.

#1 Only Use Cover When Necessary

Car seat insulated liners and stroller covers/rain shields are amazing tools to help keep your child safe and warm when the cold months take over. Keep in mind that these covers will retain heat. They are perfect for bundling up your little one to go outside, but as soon as you return indoors you must remove these covers immediately. An overly sweaty baby is not a happy baby, whatsoever.