The Guide to Religious Jewelry for Babies & Children

Every religion and spiritual belief is rich in tradition, history, and symbolism. Adorning yourself with a piece of jewelry drenched in personal meaning is the perfect way to feel closer to your deity, faith, and even family. Thus, giving a gift of religious jewelry is a great way to welcome a new child into the world and into their faith. Not to mention, the act of giving religious jewelry to newborns and children has been apart of religious ceremonies for hundreds of thousands of years. Read below to gather religious jewelry gift ideas for every coming of age celebration!

Bat Mitzvahs: A Bat Mitzvah is an extremely pivotal moment in every young Jewish girls and boys life. It is a ceremony representing the passing of childhood and entry into adulthood. Religious jewelry, like the Star of David or Hamsa Hand, is a great way to recognize this coming of age. The Star of David is a symbol that represents each of Gods personas and is given to bestow health, wealth, and good fortune to the wearer. The Hamsa Hand, originally a Judaic symbol, is now a universal symbol of peace, hope, and world wide connection that which brings calmness and good fortune to the wearer.


First Communion: In Catholicism, the First Communion ritual takes place when a child reaches the deemed age of reason. This ‘accepted age’ is typically around 7 years old. First Communion is one of the 7 sacraments and a highly meaningful aspect of the Roman Catholic Faith. It is custom for participants to receive religious gifts as they pass through their first communion. Many of these gifts are keepsakes that one cherishes for years to come. The christening gift of a rosary necklace during First Communion is especially common as rosary necklaces are timeless and symbolize tradition and upbringing.


Baptism: Christians find Baptism ceremonies to be an extremely important aspect of identifying their relationship with God. Baptisms themselves symbolize a renewal or rebirth of a person after they have accepted the teachings of the holy spirit into their lives. Christianity, as a religion, is filled with symbolic, religious jewelry symbols like the cross and the ichthys (fish). Giving the gift of religious jewelry at a Baptism ceremony is highly common and encouraged. The idolized cross is meant to symbolize God’s eternal and unconditional love while the ichthys symbolizes a disciple of God or ‘fisher of men’. One of these treasures will surely become a child or infants keepsake for many years to follow.


Jewelry is a special spiritual gift one can give during religious occasions like bat mitzvahs, first communions, christenings, and/or baptisms. Each and every piece of religious jewelry holds a rich and symbolic meaning which a child can cherish forever. You can convey many thoughts, wishes, beliefs, and hopes through a simply jewelry design. Words can never say enough, and with religious jewelry they do not have too.