First Birthday Baby Jewelry Guide

Considering gifting your friend’s or family’s child with a unique and meaningful piece of jewelry? There is truly no better way to welcome a little one into the world than offering them a special present of birthday jewelry. Not to mention, the practice of gifting jewelry to a newborn is an age old tradition. Semi precious metal bracelets and earrings are perfect for enhancing the significance of the special moment whether it be a first birth, baptism, or christening. Read on below for several baby jewelry gift ideas.

Baby Birthstone Jewelry

The practice of assigning meaning to a certain stone or gem in correlation with a birth month dates back thousands of years and some believe the traditions origin is found in the Old Testament of the Bible. Even the twelve signs of the zodiac have a corresponding stone to signify each ascending month. However, it wasn’t until the 1900s that the common practice of attributing stone strengths to one’s birth month became popular. The list of polish origins organizing these meanings pertinent to each month has largely remained unchanged and the tradition is still steadfast in today’s culture. Thus, a bracelet or pair of earrings adorned with an infant’s birthstone is the perfect first gift as it is full of history, tradition, and meaning.


Baby Birthstone Month Meanings

January: Garnet, a symbol of loyalty and luck

February: Amethyst, a symbol of peace

March: Aquamarine, a symbol of strength and courage

April: Diamond, a symbol of purity, innocence, and everlasting love

May: Emerald, a symbol of fertility and love

June: Alexandrite, a symbol of balance and joy

July: Ruby, a symbol of love and beauty

August: Peridot, a symbol of protection, strength, and joyfulness

September: Blue Sapphire, a symbol of wisdom and purity

October: Pink Sapphire, a symbol of endurance and strength

November: Amber, a symbol of affection, love, wisdom, and strength

December: Blue Topaz, a symbol of success and protection


Baby Animal & Sweets Jewelry

Jewelry adorned in cute little animals and sweets, like cupcakes or bunnies, are one of the sweetest gifts you can give a child. Any young girl would simply love receiving a sterling silver, brightly colored enamel charm bracelet or pair of earrings.


Baby Crown Jewelry

Crystal crown jewelry is perfect for the little princess in your life. Jewelry in the shape of a tiara or crown is known to signify strength and royalty! This is a great way to kick off a little ones life as it holds a fortuitous meaning. Plus, dress-up or play time will make this queen the happiest in all of the land.

Each season offers a wide variety of jewelry specifically crafted for the beloved baby girl in your life. Rest assured that these beautiful earring pairs and handcrafted bracelets include special baby proof backings and clasps that will not fall off or end up being swallowed by baby. Choking hazards are a thing of the past as all infant jewelry has to meet extremely particular safety standards.  The only hard part of finding baby jewelry is deciding which piece is perfect for your little one. Baby jewelry is a unique and precious way to mark special occasions in a little princesses life. She will cherish this gift for years to come.