Top 11 Organic Baby Clothing Brands


As our world advances, parents are becoming more and more aware of what is in their child’s clothing and food in hopes to limit their exposure to harmful toxins and chemicals. Going organic is the best way to prevent your child from coming into contact with these unhealthy pathogens. Parents, now is the time to seek knowledge concerning these significant side effects that the textile industry has on not only our children, but on our planet as well. Non organic baby clothing often contains synthetic fibers that are manufactured with acrylic, esters, petrochemicals, and PVC which are all linked to causing advanced health issues. Not to mention, non organic clothing production makes up about 20% of our water pollution. Exploring the world of organic baby clothing is more promising than one may think! Parents will be pleased to know that organic baby clothing is offered in a large range of options hitting each and every price point. Organic baby clothing brands are paving the way of a new and clean era producing healthier babies! Read below for our top 11 favorite organic baby clothing brands.


Organic Baby Brands


#11 Little Green Radicals

Little Green Radicals is dedicating to manufacturing organic, fair trade skincare, apparel, and knitwear.  ($10-$50) Sourced out of fair trade farms within in India, the Little Green Radicals line features beautifully patterned apparel, cozy coats, and all natural skincare that ensure your child is healthy on the outside as well as the inside. If you are looking to see how their production process works - visit their website which lists each and every step of their manufacturing process.


#10 Hanna Andersson

Your search for comfy, 100% organic kids pajamas and accessories is over! Hanna Andersson hosts a wide range of cozy sleepwear, sweaters, socks, hats and bibs that are all made with organic and breathable cotton. ($5-$40) Once your child slips into their favorite pair of Hanna andersson jammies let the snuggle fest begin!


#9 Finn + Emma

Finn + Emma feature hand knit, artisanal made toys, pajamas, and one pieces for only $13 - $42 dollars! Talk about an amazing deal! Every piece found within the Finn + Emma line is 100% organic, dyed with eco-friendly coloring, or made with all-natural wood created within a Fair Trade setting. This brand is committed to employing women workers in countries like India and Peru looking to become socially and economically independent.


#8 L’ovedbaby

The entire range of L’ovedbaby is GOTS certified which means that they do not utilize any harmful chemicals within their products and that they product their workers ensuring that laborers receive fair living wages, a non-discriminatory workplace, and freely chosen employment. Their goal is to provide children with the best organic clothing available while protecting the parents who create their lovely line of nursing covers and basic apparel. ($7-$33) Rest assured knowing that your child can wear L’ovedbaby for years to come as their line offers organic clothing for preemie babies up to 6 year old kiddos.


#7 Pact

Pact is best known for their non-GMO, organic baby clothing! This brand offers a range of childrens wear including organic socks, tights, bibs, beanies, and basics at low, low prices! ($8-$19) Pact takes pride in obtaining knowledge around the dangers of sweatshops, debt slaveries, child labor, and environmental toxins currently taking place in the textile industry. Their key mission is to deliver extremely comfortable yet stylish organic cotton apparel and accessories to their consumers without hurting anyone! Each and every one of Pact’s products are ethically sourced from workers who are paid fair living wages and work in environmental/socially acceptable working conditions. Plus, Pact offers clothing for mom and dad too!


#6 Under the Nile

What began with one mom sourcing the best cotton she could find for her baby, free of harmful pesticides and chemicals, eventually turned into a full fledged brand solely produced from 100% organic, hand picked Egyptian cotton. Under the Nile offers premium organic egyptian cotton baby booties, dresses, shirts, and blankets. Plus, Under the Nile is committed to making ethical shopping affordable for everyone. Their line currently sits in the $5-$26 dollar price range. See the latest Under the Nile brand


#5 Mini Mioche

Is fair trade your favorite way to shop? Then you will love Mini Mioche whom only sources fair trade lifestyle items like apparel, toys, slippers, and swaddles ranging between $15 - $45 dollars. Plus, all Mini Mioche products are designed and made with love locally in Canada! Each piece features extremely soft, organic cotton that has been neutrally dyed with non-toxic coloring. You will have a baby closet full of their eco-friendly clothing before you know it!


#4 Touched By Nature

Need organic baby clothing in a rush? Then make sure to visit Touched by Nature whom offers 2-Day shipping through Amazon Prime! Plus, the whole lot of Touched By Nature organic baby clothing is affordable and adorable! They host a huge selection of colorful, organic baby bodysuits, layettes, pants, socks, headbands, and crib sheets. Animal print is available largely within this organic baby brand as well.


#3 Penguin Organics

Penguin Organics is another wonderful brand offering 100% GOTS certified cotton baby products and apparel. Perhaps their best baby product is their super cute, extremely soft, and beautifully colored baby blankets! They are a fan favorite. However, their line also contains adorable baby bibs, hats, and rompers ranging between $18 - $50. Did we mention that all of their products are sustainably sourced and  fair trade too boot?


#2 From Babies With Love

If you prefer to shop from brands that give back, then make sure to check out From Babies With Love. Based out of the UK, this amazing baby apparel and accessory line gives all of their proceeds to children's benefits around the world through SOS Children. Not to mention, their line is full of the cutest and coziest blankets, dresses, one pieces, and muslims. ($18 - $50)


#1 Kate Quinn Organics

If you are looking for fair trade, certified organic products than look no further as Kate Quinn Organics is the brand for you! Not only does Kate Quinn Organics make awesome kids apparel, the brand also manufactures accessories, gifts, and bedding within a very affordable price range! ($22-$48) Kate Quinn Organics is committed to cleaning up the environment through reducing their carbon footprint in textile production utilizing GOTS-certified dyes and cotton. With the brands eye catching textures, fresh designs, and clean lines, there is nothing about this brand that the mini fashionista wouldn’t love!


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