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New Baby Gift Baskets - When a new baby comes along, finding just the right gift can seem very overwhelming. One special way to give just the right gift is to put together a new baby gift basket. A new baby gift basket will enable you to customize the gift and include special touches that will be unique to the recipient. In planning a new baby gift basket, first choose a theme to base the basket on. Good examples are: bath time, a favorite animal, education, nursery room theme, color, memories, sports, feeding time the list is only limited by your imagination! Next, decide how much you want to spend. One problem that comes up with new baby gift baskets is the accumulative cost of the items along with the container can be pricey.

Once a budget has been established for the new baby gift basket, shop around for items relating to the chosen theme. A container needs to be chosen along with the items, but not before you have an idea of the size container needed to hold the various items. Get creative with choosing a container perhaps a baby washtub, or a small radio flyer wagon, or just a pretty reusable wicker basket. At least three and preferably more items are needed to go in the new baby gift basket. Pick items of varying sizes and textures, but all related to the color and theme of the new baby gift basket.

The next step in putting together a new baby gift basket is to arrange the items in the container in a way that is appealing to the eye. Use newsprint (not news paper) or peanuts in the bottom to help keep the items in place. Sometimes it is necessary to tape items together to keep them from shifting, or to use a small box in the bottom to give an item some height. Add a filler such as crinkle to hide the bottom layer and give the basket a finished look. Make sure to color coordinate the filler with the new baby gift basket theme. Check all the items in the new baby gift basket to make sure they are facing the correct direction, or the best side is showing.

The last step is the enclosure of the new baby gift basket. All the items will fall out if not enclosed in some form of wrapping. The most widely used material is shrink wrap. This comes in many different sizes and gives a nice clear view of the contents of the new baby gift basket. Your local florist may sell you some, or check with a craft store. You can use a hair dryer to shrink to fit. Just be sure to constantly move the air stream, not hold it on one spot too long. The result of holding it too long is a hole in the wrapping. Use scotch tape to attach the shrink wrap pieces together if more than one piece is needed.

Top the new baby gift basket off with pretty ribbon and bows. Curly ribbon or wired ribbon make a nice presentation. The ribbons can also be used to hide an area of the new baby gift basket that is not so pleasing to the eye. You now have a very special new baby gift basket that is sure to please! (If all of this custom stuff sounds like too much trouble, shop our gift basket section for ready made new baby gift baskets in many themes to be delivered directly to the gift recipient).

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