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New Baby Gift - When the new baby arrives, it is time to shop for the perfect new baby gift. What to buy for a new baby gift can be confusing, but shopping at the right place where you can get plenty of good advice and help will make it easier. Some new momís register things they would like to have with a baby store in their town so you might inquire if this is the case. If you are on your own, then here are a few tips for new baby gift buying to keep in mind:

1) When buying clothing for a new baby gift, buy a larger size such as 6 or 9 months. Most people buy the newborn sizes for a new baby gift leaving nothing for the baby to wear after the first few months and an overabundance of clothing after the first month.

2) Toys are a great new baby gift. Look for bright colored toys with lots of different textures, patterns and sounds. These features stimulate the learning mechanisms and attract baby for longer periods. Also, look for toys that are appropriate for several developmental periods so the new baby gift will be more lasting.

3) Blankets are a favorite new baby gift and can be made special with a personalization in the form of babyís name and birth date monogrammed on the blanket. Choose soft textured blankets that will sooth babyís skin. Also great for a new baby gift is a smaller blanket known as a travel silkie or blankie. These can be personalized with a name and become a favorite lovie.

4) Baby jewelry makes a great new baby gift, especially if is something unique and special and can be treasured as an heirloom piece. A special baby ring, bracelet, or necklace in 14k gold or sterling silver and real pearls can be worn by the baby for special occasions, then kept in a shadow box in the babyís room as a memoir. Make sure that new baby gift jewelry given as a new baby gift is sturdy and well made so it will not come apart when worn.

5) Sterling silver is a popular new baby gift. It stands the test of time and can be treasured as an heirloom like jewelry. Sterling silver baby cups, bowls, spoons and forks, toothbrushes, and rattles all lend themselves to being engraves with a name or initials and are very appropriate as a new baby gift.

6) When buying a new baby gift, throw in something for the new Mom such as aromatherapy bath oils for relaxation or a CD of soothing music. She will appreciate the thoughtfulness. Sometimes it seems like the baby gets all the attention!

7) If there are siblings and you are a close friend or relative of the family, when buying a new baby gift be sure to include something special for the brothers and sisters. A big brother or sister book or tee shirt, or a toy appropriate to the age would help to make them feel special.

Many characteristics can make the unique new baby gift you give stand out from the others. All the little thoughtful extras can make all the difference. Transform simple new baby gifts such as a baby book into a "Remembering the Moment" unique baby gift basket, by adding a copy of the local newspaper from the day the new baby was born, copies of Time and People magazines from the week the new baby was born, a current postage stamp, and a sales flyer from the local grocery store to the new baby gifts basket. Twenty years from now, the parents and grown child will have fun looking back at this most wonderful uniquely best baby gifts of all, and seeing everything from the price of a dozen eggs to who the hot celebrities were back when junior was a baby.

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