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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
  Christmas Gift for Mom
What can I get my Mom for Christmas that would be really special?

Christmas gifts for MOM - that is a topic that is discussed in great detail by everyone during this holiday season. It is a wonderful time to express your love and appreciation for your Mom. Yet, what do you get her that she doesn't already have? Some of the most popular items for Christmas gifts for Mom are jewelry, perfume, bathrobe, sweater, purse - the list goes on!

Jewelry is number one on the gift giving list for Mom, and Mother's rings and Mother's Bracelets make an outstanding gift for this time of the year. Different style rings are available depending on fashion preference and number of children to represent on the ring. These rings give a lifetime of memories when worn.

Mother's Bracelets with the child's name can come in multiples also. Some have only the child's name in silver blocks mixed with crystals and pearls or other gemstones, while others in metal have names and birthdates engraved on them.

Another option is to have a baby birthstone ring with the child's name and birth date inscribed on the side hung on a chain for Mom to wear as a necklace. Multiple rings representing all the children can hang from the same chain. Then later, the ring can be passed on to the child as an heirloom treasure.
Monday, November 07, 2005
  Mother's Rings
What are the popular mother’s ring styles now?

Mother’s rings have been popular for many years. It is a wonderful way for a mom to celebrate her children no matter what their ages. The popular styles depend mainly on the age of the wearer. Older mothers and grandmothers usually prefer the more traditional styles of mother’s rings with the birthstones mounted with a ribbon next to them that can hold the child’s name. These rings can usually hold up to 7 stones. 14K gold or white gold and genuine stones make a beautiful ring.

A more modern version of mother’s rings especially popular with younger moms is the stackable ring. These rings can be made separately for each child and then worn together for a stackable look. Many variations exist from plain and simple to more elaborate and ornate.

You can’t go wrong with either mother’s ring look. For more information on mother’s rings go to
Saturday, November 05, 2005
  Second Baby Shower
Is it appropriate to have a baby shower for your second child?

Most new moms are so excited to have their first baby shower but feel somewhat uncomfortable having a baby shower for a second child. Although tradition in the past has scorned at throwing a second baby shower, times are changing. Look at weddings. Many couples throw a larger wedding the second time around with all the trimmings and 10 attendants in tuxes and bridesmaids dresses. Why not a second baby shower? If someone offers to throw you a baby shower for your second child, suggest doing something out of the ordinary.

What about having everyone bring a casserole dish for the freezer. Once the baby is born, who has time to cook? Or think of some other baby shower theme such as books, music, or educational toys and have the guests bring a related gift. Baby supplies like diapers, wipes, shampoos, baby oil, and other baby essentials could be dropped in one big unusual container as the guests arrive for the mom to take home. Or even better, bring a small gift for the mom! Just getting together to celebrate a new beginning makes for a great baby shower.
Thursday, November 03, 2005
  What is Minky fabric?
What in the world is Minky fabric?

Minky fabric is the newest in luxurious, silky soft microfiber fabric. It rivals cashmere in softness and resembles real mink in touch. One customer described it “like petting a newborn baby rabbit”. The baby market has picked up on Minky fabric and fabricates everything from blankets, outfits, and robes to baby room accessories and toys. There are different variations in flats and textures: minky with dots, lines, diamonds, and short or long pile. The color variations of the different minkies are usually in pastels with a few brights available. Be careful of imitations – they just are not as soft. One way to tell an imitation is by price. Anything in true Minky is pricey!
Tuesday, November 01, 2005
  Christening Gift
What is an appropriate Christening gift?

Christenings are a very special occasion in a baby’s life and friends and family share in the joy. Unlike new baby gifts, christening gifts need to be special and honor the religious nature of the affair.
If you are the Godparent, an especially nice gift is most appropriate. Many times the Godmother will provide the outfit for the baby to be christened in. Otherwise, a beautiful gold cross or christening bracelet for a girl, or a silver cover bible for a boy would be an outstanding christening gift.

For those just attending the Christening, beautiful, soft baby blankets make nice christening gifts, especially if they can be monogrammed with the baby’s name, a cross, and christening date. This added touch turns an average gift into a memorable heirloom. Or choose a lovable “Jesus Loves Me” lamb monogrammed with baby’s name and Christening date. Silver frames engraved with the information of the christening also make great christening gifts because they can hold a picture of the occasion.

For the Catholic Christening, an outstanding gift would be a gemstone rosary for boy or girl, made from exquisite components such as cats eye, freshwater pearls, and sterling silver. This christening gift is very special and will be treasured forever.
Friday, October 28, 2005
  Silver Baby Gift
Should you choose a sterling silver baby gift or just silver plate?

Choosing the best Silver baby gift can be confusing. Since silver baby gifts are not only enjoyed by the gift recipient but also become heirlooms to treasure for generations to come , it is important to carefully pick something lasting. Sterling silver has good working qualities being malleable, easily tempered, rolled and beaten and bends without cracking. Sterling silver baby gifts have nice weight and feel, yet possess great tensile strength and are resistant to many corrosive substances. . . silver plate on the other hand tends to wear off with heavy use and just doesn't shine up as nice. A sterling silver baby gift will hold it's value over time, and could someday become a sought after antique. There are a wide array of silver baby gifts including silver baby cups, feeding sets, picture frames, jewel boxes, brush and combs, toothbrushes, rattles and more. Have the silver baby gift engraved with the baby's name or initials to make the gift even more special.
Thursday, October 27, 2005
  Personalized Baby Gifts
What is the proper way to personalize a baby gift?

Personalizing a newborn baby gift makes this gift very special. What name you use will depend on the gift you are personalizing. Some gifts will only have room for the first name or initials, others will allow the full name. If the gift is more traditional or fancy, the whole name or initials is more appropriate. If the gift is fun or for the baby to play with, use the first name only, or first and middle names. Even the nickname the baby will be called might be more appropriate in this case. Baby blankets sometimes allow a full name and birth date to be monogrammed on them giving a lasting treasure for the baby.

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