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Friday, October 28, 2005
  Silver Baby Gift
Should you choose a sterling silver baby gift or just silver plate?

Choosing the best Silver baby gift can be confusing. Since silver baby gifts are not only enjoyed by the gift recipient but also become heirlooms to treasure for generations to come , it is important to carefully pick something lasting. Sterling silver has good working qualities being malleable, easily tempered, rolled and beaten and bends without cracking. Sterling silver baby gifts have nice weight and feel, yet possess great tensile strength and are resistant to many corrosive substances. . . silver plate on the other hand tends to wear off with heavy use and just doesn't shine up as nice. A sterling silver baby gift will hold it's value over time, and could someday become a sought after antique. There are a wide array of silver baby gifts including silver baby cups, feeding sets, picture frames, jewel boxes, brush and combs, toothbrushes, rattles and more. Have the silver baby gift engraved with the baby's name or initials to make the gift even more special.
Thursday, October 27, 2005
  Personalized Baby Gifts
What is the proper way to personalize a baby gift?

Personalizing a newborn baby gift makes this gift very special. What name you use will depend on the gift you are personalizing. Some gifts will only have room for the first name or initials, others will allow the full name. If the gift is more traditional or fancy, the whole name or initials is more appropriate. If the gift is fun or for the baby to play with, use the first name only, or first and middle names. Even the nickname the baby will be called might be more appropriate in this case. Baby blankets sometimes allow a full name and birth date to be monogrammed on them giving a lasting treasure for the baby.
Wednesday, October 26, 2005
  Daddy Diaper Bags
Should I get my husband a diaper bag to use when he takes our baby out?

Most men would be thrilled to have a diaper bag of their own to use for parenting duty. Just make sure it will fit his lifestyle and personal preferences for color and size. Some men simply don't care, but others wouldn't be caught dead with anything that looked like a diaper bag. Get something sporty or more businesslike in a traditional male color (not shocking pink!). Check out the
Daddy Diaper Bags we carry in backpack styles. They are filled with convenient pockets and zippered pouches that regular backpacks don’t have. A nice extra touch would be to personalize it with ”ALL STAR DAD”, or “DAD’S BAG”. One of the best baby gifts for a new dad!
Monday, October 24, 2005
  Baby Bracelets Sizing
What size bracelet do I buy for a toddler?

Bracelet sizing for babies is not an easy task. Each baby's arm measures differently according to bone structure and chubbiness. On an average, most newborns to about 9 mo can wear a 4" baby bracelet. 5" usually works for toddlers, and 6" for 4-8 years. The most accurate way of measuring is to take a string or ribbon and place it around the baby's arm. Measure the string and add 1/2". This should be the size of the bracelet. Pearl or crystal baby bracelets might need an extra 1/4" because of the roundness of the components. When giving jewelry as a newborn baby gift, many people choose a size that will fit a toddler rather than a newborn so the baby can grow into it.
  Baby Shower Gift Thank You Notes
Shower Gift Thank you Notes
Should I send a thank you note for baby shower gifts received at my baby shower? By All Means! A baby shower gift thank you note is one of the easiest thank you notes to send. The toughest challenge in this case is to get the notes out on a timely basis. There are just so many things to do when preparing for a new baby! While formal etiquette doesn't require a note if the gift was opened at the shower and the giver was thanked in person, it is still common custom to send out timely notes anyway. example: Dear Jennifer, I just love the baby outfit, diaper bag, and cuddly blanket you gave me at the shower. They are adorable and I can't wait to use them with Baby - I know she'll look adorable in them. I hope we can spend a little time together before baby arrives and quiet visits will be a thing of the past!
  Baby Names
When it comes to the Baby's Name... the right thing! After all, from the unusual and unique baby names you might choose from for your brand new little baby bundle of joy, one of those baby names will be with, and perhaps define your son or daughter for their entire life. Forever, parents have tirelessly debated one another, lobbying for, or against particular unusual baby names. They’ve been known to join forces against the savage tyranny of well-meaning, busy-body grandparents who mistakenly believe they should have their say in the matter of baby names, and choosing the baby's unique name. Regardless of the circumstances, parents should ultimately choose their baby names that THE CHILD, TEENAGER, AND ADULT can actually enjoy other words, a unique name with some staying power, baby names that are pleasant sounding, baby names free of potential for ridicule from unpleasant playground urchins.

Baby Names Hints - Be sure to accentuate the positive. When considering baby names, choose one that conjures up pleasant thoughts and carries a definition that is meaningful to you. Remember, your baby’s name will cast a strong first impression so choose carefully from your ultimate list of baby names. We suggest this unscientific (but reasonably accurate) experiment to rule out loser unusual baby names. Take the top 2 or 3 baby names from your list to a busy playground. Yell the baby names out loud, one at a time. If too many children turn around, you might consider that baby name popular and overused. If people look at you like you’re crazy, you may want to reconsider. This is a strong indication that your child may never forgive you sticking him with a weirdo name that no one can pronounce. Most of all, use common sense, and have fun coming up with your very own unique baby name.

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