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Baby Middle Names

How do you Choose a Great Baby Middle Name?

... careful thought should go into choosing your baby's middle name. There are several things to consider that will make the name fabulous if done right, or a dud if not followed carefully.


1. First name chosen - then what?

After carefully choosing a first name for baby, it is time to consider what baby middle name will be the best to go with it. Some parents might want to forgo a baby middle name but carefully consider this option and its ramifications. There are many bureaucratic problems that could arise in official documents with no middle name or middle initial. Or the baby middle name could help to distinguish the name from others that have the same first and last names which can happen easily if you are drawn to the popular or trendy names. Having a baby middle name can be a real plus in school!

2. Let there be rhythm! 

So, once you have decided to choose a baby middle name for your baby, there are other considerations to keep in mind. How does it flow with the first and last names? Both the visual and sound rhythm of a name is very important. As a rule of baby names thumb, the number of syllables in the first name should differ from the last name. For instance, Andre Gray creates better rhythm than Tom Gray. Repeat the three names over and over to get a sense of the flow. Write them down to get a sense of the look of the written name. Remember that Hollywood stars need a name that easily flows! Keep this in mind - would the baby middle name stand alone as a good name if the owner decided to use it later as his/her main name or theatrical name perhaps.

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3.Stick with a category or mix them up!

In choosing the baby middle name you can stick with the same category of trendy, popular, traditional or family to match the first name, or you can mix a trendy baby middle name with a traditional first name and vice versa. Be creative and innovative. This is also the perfect chance to honor relatives and family names that you would not want to use as the first name. Many parents will use a family sir name for the baby middle name to honor grandpa on momís side for example. Just make sure the baby middle name flows with the first and last names and that the initials do not spell something obscene or silly. If youíre stuck on the name but the initials spell trouble, try reversing the first and middle baby names, and use the middle name on a daily basis.

 4. Honor thy family's heritage-

 The baby middle name could also reflect the babies heritage if  the last name does not do that. Or it could reflect the other parents heritage  making the middle baby name and last name tell the whole family story. The baby middle name can also be a compromise when the parents cannot agree on the first name.  Throw in the favorite name of each parent and play with the visual and sound rhythm of the names together to choose which wins for the first name and which wins for the baby middle name.

Try using momís maiden name or other family member's last name as a middle name. This strategy provides an opportunity to honor a family member without taking the first name position and is a great way to settle the baby names selection between parents.

The baby middle name can also be a compromise when the parents cannot agree on the first name.  Throw in the favorite name of each parent and play with the visual and sound rhythm of the names together to choose which wins for the first name and which wins for the baby middle name.

Another thought for baby names is to name the baby after someone famous. When the child is older, explain who you named her after and why - you may find the baby names story becomes a family legend, retold for generations to come.

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5. When all else fails-

Tried really hard to come up with the perfect baby middle name and just stuck? Some filler names like Lynn, Lee, Rose or Marie for girls, or Robert, Lee, William or Michael for boys work well with almost any first and last names. They are a great choice when nothing else works. But then lots of babies have these middle names. So if you want an outstanding name, get back to the drawing board.

7. Avoid letter redundancy between baby names.

Often, first and last baby names with the same beginning letter do not sound as well together as baby names beginning with different sounds. Likewise, if the one name ends with a vowel, the other will probably sound better ending in a consonant.  AVOID RHYMES at all cost. Your baby will thank you someday.


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9. For those who still donít have a baby middle name clue...

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By the way, if you have already found the perfect baby name, but it does not follow any of these hints, use it anyway. You like the name and that is the most important rule of all.  Also, when your time comes and you need items like baby gifts and baby clothes, be sure to come back to  At the bottom of this page you will find navigation buttons to many lovely gift and clothing items for yours or anyone else's baby or child! Baby Name Meaning.

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