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Baby Name Meaning

 Baby name meaning can be important. Your name is an influential part of your life! It is how you and others identify you. It has a hidden power that should not be ignored. The Kabalarian Society profess a philosophy that when a name is attached to an individual, certain specific forces of conscious intelligence are combined, making baby name meaning a crucial element. When thinking of what to name your child, one should always consider the baby name meanings as well. However nice it is to name your baby after a relative or famous person, the baby name meanings should always be considered. Be advised that baby name meanings differ depending on country and language. For example, if you are planning to name your child Kip, you should know that in Holland that word means chicken! Richard can develop into a baby name meaning nickname that is derogatory in the U.S. To make sure the name you pick is not something you will regret later on, check the baby name meaning before you decide!

Watch out for rhyming baby names that may sound embarrassing. This is important regardless of baby name meaning. A baby name with meaning could sound melodious, harsh, smooth and flowing, funny, so be careful that you do not blindly use baby name meaning to develop your baby name even though it does not go well with your surname or middle name. When considering baby name meaning, remember longer first names work better with shorter surnames, and vice versa. Combining a first name that ends in a vowel with a surname that starts with a vowel generally doesn’t work well as the names tend to run together ("Mia Abercrombie"). Avoid first names that rhyme with your surname ("Picasso Piscopo") even if it suits you in terms of having a great baby name meaning.

Your child's heritage may provide baby name meaning opportunities, as well as being an essential part of who they are, and you may want the baby name to reflect that baby name meaning. Perhaps your culture has a tradition of naming first-born sons after their fathers. If you love a name but it doesn't meet your family's traditional baby name meaning requirements, consider using it as a middle name. No one is likely to treat your baby differently because their name means something 'spectacular', but the derivation of your baby's name, and it's baby name meaning is something you may want to think about. After all, if little Gandalf discovers someday that his baby name meaning has something to do with "elves and hobbits," he may not be too happy about it.

Kids can be especially cruel when it comes to nicknames. Baby name meaning can also apply to initials and nicknames. So try to anticipate any potentially embarrassing baby name meaning, such as the initials 'zit' for Zachary Ian Thomas, or 'dum' for Daniel Ulrich Marsh. An unusual baby name or baby name meaning has the advantage of making the bearer stand out from the crowd. It may be necessary to strike a balance if the child's surname or baby name meaning is unusual, and vice versa. If your son's surname will be Smith, you might want to consider something with more pizzazz or more baby name meaning than Joe for his first name. But if his surname is Boreysenko, then Joe might be a better choice than a lengthy name such as Reptevia. Watch out for shortened names, Benjamin Dover is fine, but shortened it is Ben Dover and could be confused with another phrase - this would be a baby name meaning you might want to avoid. Most of all, have fun with your baby name meaning endeavors! 

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